Best broker for trading view

Best broker for trading view

We find many brokers online, but not all are suitable for trading view. As nowadays, the trading view gets super popular, so traders worldwide want to know which brokers are perfect if they wish to take the trading view service. So I will reveal the best broker for trading view, and as a trading view … Read more

Best leverage for $200 account

Best leverage for $200 account

You probably don’t hear too much about the dangers of using too much leverage on Forex trading. Just because your reliable broker is offering you high leverage, you will take that advantage. The best way of using high leverage is when your trade is making a profit, you add positions in the same direction. In … Read more

5 Best app for forex news in 2022

5 best app for forex news

It is pretty challenging to find the best app for forex news among hundreds of thousands. Forex traders who are super busy in their daily work take the help of mobile apps to trade in mobile or tablet. Experienced Traders who are super professional and don’t want to miss even a single opportunity also search … Read more

Anyone making money with Nadex

anyone making money with nadex

Anyone making money with nadex now! Yes, you hear it right. Honestly speaking, trading at Nadex was not easy in the past. But with the advent of advanced educational materials now, if any achieve proper trading education, practice with patience, have a rock-solid trading plan then it is possible for any retail trader for making … Read more

Best Forex Traders To Follow 2022

Best forex traders to follow

Forex traders are often in the spotlight, but there are a select few who have achieved stardom and are known internationally. These top forex traders in the world offer guidance to forex traders at the start of their trading careers. These famous traders all share an unshakable sense of confidence that guides their financial performance. … Read more

Best forex economic calendar for 2022

best forex economic calendar-parkingpips

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fundamental analyst or a technical analyst. An economic calendar is highly needed for your trade scheduling if you are a forex trader. Every professional trader uses these tools as a helping hand. But the irony is that not only newbies but also many professionals face difficulty sorting out … Read more

Akil stokes net worth

akil stokes net worth

There are many professional forex trading coaches out there online. Akil stokes is one of them. Many mentors and so-called gurus here and there luring you to learn from them by investing money so today, I will elaborate positive and negative reviews, and Akil stokes net worth. Who is Akil stokes? Akil Stokes is a … Read more

Academy of financial trading ultimate traders programme review for 2022

academy of financial trading ultimate traders programme review

Academy of financial trading ultimate traders programme review In the academy of financial trading ultimate traders programme, you won’t get any live trading experience. Instead, you need to go through 3 paid tier programmes one after another. The very first one is called “Introduction To Financial Trading Program” or “foundation trading programme” . You need … Read more

History of Forex Trading

History of Forex Trading

Today the forex market is one of the most liquid & most accessible largest markets, but the history of forex trading is centuries old. It is thought that this trading started during the Babylonian period. If you are a potential forex trader, you need to know the right history of currency exchange and the fundamental … Read more