What is a free forex demo account mt4/mt5?

free forex demo account mt4

A trader can practice and grow his trading strategy in a free forex demo account mt4 just like real trading environment, even without risking any real money. We often think that only newbies like to trade in a demo account, but it’s not true. It is often noticed that even experienced traders and professional traders … Read more

Forex trading order types

Forex trading order types

When you decide to open or close any transaction, then you need to send an offer to your trading platform, which is called “order”. As for entering and exiting trades perfectly, you need to know different kinds of orders, so today, we will discuss forex trading order types. Forex trading order types details Although different … Read more

What is a lot size in forex trading

What is a lot size in forex trading

In the forex market, you buy or sell currencies. And the number of currency units you control here is called Lot. When we discuss “Lot”, the first question that comes to our mind is what is a lot size in forex.  There are four types of lot sizes. If you want to understand the amount … Read more

Learn when to buy or sell a currency pair

Learn when to buy or sell a currency pair

If you want to succeed in forex, you need to consider it a business but not gambling. However, forex is the riskiest business in the world. If you know when to buy or sell a currency pair, this business could also generate huge revenue. In forex trading, you have to anticipate which foreign currency will … Read more

The A – Z Of Types Of Forex Trading

types of forex trading

If you want to earn a vast amount of profit in a short span of time taking a high risk then forex trading is the perfect choice for you. Although there are several types of forex trading but the  The most popular Types Of Forex Trading are  Spot fx Trading currency futures  Retail fx Currency … Read more

Is forex legit

is forex legit

Many rookies frequently ask that is forex legit Or trading forex is nothing but a scam? The answer is absolutely not. Forex trading is a profession is not a scamming profession. If the forex market is legitimate, then why do newbies get confused about currency trading with scamming? Because these market regulations are less strict, … Read more

What is forex trading ?

What is Forex

Fx market, is the international market that allows any trader to trade two different currencies against each other. This is the world’s most traded, most liquid, and largest market. Here, different national currencies are traded, with a $ 7 trillion per day turnover.In this piece of content I will describe what is forex market,how to … Read more