Little Known Ways of Using Awesome Oscillator Indicator

Trading strategy based on Accelerator oscillator stochastic and Awesome oscillator indicator

What is awesome oscillator indicator Awesome Oscillator Indicator is a multi-tasking indicator that can determine the current trend, find the optimal entry points to the market, divergence and convergence. The principle of its operation is based on calculating the difference of moving averages with different periods, built on the median price, which is obtained as … Read more

Who else wants support and resistance zones indicator- Esaz diagonal

Who else wants support and resistance zones indicator Esaz diagonal

This support and resistance zones indicator is a custom indicator based on the Esaz system and Gann theory. The indicator is divided into three categories, each of which is designed for a specific period. The indicator draws levels and figures in the form of rhombuses on the chart, the sides of which can be used … Read more

If You Don’t use color stochastic indicator Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.


Stochastic is one of the well-known oscillators that has been used in trading for several decades. Many other modifications have been created based on this tool, and one of the most common versions is the Color Stochastic indicator. Description of Color Stochastic indicator The color stochastic works on the same principle as the old & … Read more

Stochastic signals forex indicator for mt4 &mt5

Stochastic signals forex indicator for mt4 mt5 buy setup1

Stochastic signals forex indicator for mt4 & mt5 is talked of the town amongst the traders now. Because hardly we find any trader who didn’t hear the name of effectiveness of stochastic oscillator. It’s one of the most well-known oscillators. Many strategies have been created Using stochastic oscillators, such as the “Two Stochastics” TS, which … Read more

The 5 Secrets About Best Indicator For Forex Trading

The 5 Secrets About Best Indicator For Forex Trading

There are many default forex trading indicators like moving average, Bollinger bands, stochastics, Relative strength index, MACD, commodity channel index,momentum indicator,Average true range (ATR) etc. All of them are useful and can produce a profit if you can handle them properly. Some customised indicators like 3 level ZZ semafor, non repaint reversal indicator, elliott wave … Read more

Aroon up and down indicator

Aroon up and down indicator

Tushar Chande developed Aroon Oscillator in 1995 as part of the Aroon up and down Indicator system. Tushar’s plan for the system was to highlight short-term levels trend changes. Aroon in the Sanskrit language means “dawn’s early light.” The Aroon Oscillator is a lagging technical indicator. Aroon indicator values forms of the period oscillators to … Read more

Best lot size for $1000

best lot size for $1000-sell trade

Lot sizing is a crucial fact in forex trading. When you start your forex trading training, the first thing you have to go through is lot sizing. If you don’t fix your lot size accurately, you could vanish your account even with a little movement of the forex market. As most retail traders start trading … Read more

Auto fibo trade zone indicator for 2022

auto fibo trade zone indicator

The auto fibo trade zone indicator is designed to draw Fibonacci retracement. Traders love fibo retracement levels because they are so perfect that the forex market tends to respect these most of the time. Auto fibo trade zone indicator explained Fibo points I mentioned above are represented on the chart by horizontal lines. These lines … Read more

Secrets to accumulation/distribution indicator mt4

accumulation/distribution indicator mt4

Accumulation/distribution indicator mt4 is one kind of indicator which measures the volume of the market. Marc Chaikin first developed this indicator to help himself select the right stocks. In the forex market, many aspiring analysts use this tool to shine their trading. There are many renowned traders like akil stokes who use accumulation/distribution index. just … Read more