Best Forex News Site Secrets Revealed

There are plenty of news sites, so trusting and choosing one from many is quite tricky. This article will describe the main features of the five best forex news sites from where you can pick one. These five best forex websites are faster and more accurate than other sites. In addition, they produce authentic news than any other forex news site.

Is Forex affected by news?

Yes, the forex market is highly affected by the news. Market News like NFP or FOMC could vanish any trader’s whole trading capital even within a couple of hours. So as a trader, it would be best if you were very cautious dealing with the news. As a market analyst, you need to analyze this news and make a decision about any currency. Maybe you are asking yourself, “How do I trade forex events in the news? “ok. I am giving you a brief idea of this case. Suppose today is the first Friday of the month. So today, non-farm payroll news will come. You have a buy position on EUR/USD. At the US session, the NFP news release and report goes against USD. So USD will be weaker now. In this case, you should hold your buy position to maximize your profit.

Where can I find forex news? 

Forex Factory, Dailyfx, Fxstreet, Babypips, Forex live could be excellent sources of medium to finding authentic news. These are the top forex trading tips Blogspot in the world. So let’s compare these five pioneers briefly.

Best Forex News Site

Forex factory

forex factory
Best Forex News Site-forex factory

My first choice is the forex factory. Forex Factory stands out as the best place for forex news due to its valuable and insightful articles. This forex website does not release any content by its writers but instead publishes only the top stories from various other forex news sources on different types of currency market information; this makes it one of my favorite contenders when ranking up-to-date forecaster forex news websites!

In addition, Forex factory also has an exciting feature called “Highlight,” where they highlight a particular article based on how much impact that story had during that period to make sure you don’t miss anything relevant.

They do not write their own articles but instead publish the best from various other sites such as Bloomberg forex news and MarketWatch, among many others! It’s incredible because you don’t have to go on different websites in order to get all sorts of information about this rapidly evolving market–they simply aggregate it for us here at Forexfactory. The economic news they published instantly is awesome.


The DailyFX Forex News site is a great place to go for up-to-the-minute currency trading news. They focus on the latest trends in forex markets and offer short, sweet articles backed by technical analysis as well. One of their best features is experienced traders, who report how bullish or bearish they currently feel about global currencies – it can help you decide if now would be an appropriate time investment based on current sentiment levels! If you want to get business news live, then this site will be best for you. Their economic calendar is fantastic.


FXstreet is the ultimate go-to site for currency traders and investors. They publish articles daily that cover many topics, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything important when it happens! 

FX Street doesn’t only have new content written by their team members. They also feature online brokers & forex Broker Content, which means they offer an even broader scope with everything from major currencies pairs all the way down to minor ones like Australian dollars or Norwegian Kroner (KR).

This best forex fundamental analysis site offers professional forex traders of all levels and experience information about currency markets. They have over 1 million visitors per month, making it one of the top financial websites on earth!

 FX Street’s team constantly updates their page with articles from both experienced professionals in trading as well as other writers who share beneficial knowledge for anyone interested to learn more – even if you aren’t an expert yet or just starting out learning how this crazy game works eventually every player will find something useful here no matter what stage your career might currently be at right now!. 

Best Forex News Site Secrets Revealed
Best Forex News Site

Undoubtedly babypips is one of the best forex sites for beginners. They are well-known forex educators. Moreover, they publish high-quality content that is both engaging and informative. Most of the news they publish is related to the US economy, but they produce other currencies news also. Babypips also publishes weekly forecasts on Monday.

Forex live 

Lastly, I will recommend a site named Forex live. This is one of the giant forex news sites. Every day it publishes numerous articles, all related to forex news.

As they publish many articles, so most of the articles they produce are short. Sometimes they publish as short as 100 words articles. Reading their insight about the market, technical traders can get an indication about which direction they should go.  If you are a mobile trader and don’t know, What is the best forex news app? Then I will vote for Forex live.  This site should be your first choice. In the google play store, you can find this news app.


Although I listed the top 5, fantastic sites like CNBC , Daily Forex, and myfxbook also publish comprehensive forex news. If you are a fundamental trader, then reading and analyzing news is a must for you. But for analyzing news, you have to get it from an authentic source. Unfortunately, not all websites publish authentic news. That’s why I recommend some. So choose the Best Forex News Site from the list I have given above and analyze the information you get from those sites. Your trading strategy will be improved, no doubt.

                                                        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find news in forex?

MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, BBC are the top websites to find fundamental news of the currency market. However, there is another source many overlooked, which is your trading platform. Whether the mt4 or mt5 platform you use doesn’t matter, you will get forex news there.
Dailyfx,fxstreet, and the forex factory are some great sources of media where you can find real-time forex news. 

Which is the most important news in forex?

Although there are hundreds of news every day published in the financial market, not every news is the same, some news is more important, and some are less. Among all the news in the forex market, traders pay the most attention to NFP news or non-farm payroll. This news is published every first Friday of the month. NFP has an impact on the US dollar. As we know, the forex market is highly correlated with the US dollar, so NFP has a significant effect on other currency pairs.

How much money does forex make a day?

Although it depends on any traders trading capital. The more wealth you have, the more money you can make. But roughly $1000 to $5000 can any retail trader make per day if he is on his winning streak.

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