Best Forex Buy Sell Signal Indicator

Best Forex Buy Sell Signal Indicator-macd

Buy-sell signal indicators are technical analysis tools that provide real-time insights into the market’s potential buy or sell opportunities. Analyzing various market factors, they offer cues on when to enter … Read more

Fibonacci Retracement Levels Details

how to place fibonacci retracement

Fibonacci retracement levels are nothing but some horizontal lines. These horizontal lines indicate the market’s support and resistance levels. Traders use these support and resistance levels to identify core points … Read more

Is FTMO Regulated ?

Is FTMO Regulated

Many traders worldwide make a common mistake of thinking that ftmo is a broker. So they ask is ftmo regulated. But the fact is as ftmo is neither a broker … Read more

0.1 Lot Size In Dollars Uncovered

0.1 Lot Size In Dollars Uncovered

0.1 lot size in dollars Forex markets are not only for investing but also for retail purposes, like exchanging currency during travelling, exports and imports foreign direct investing. It is … Read more

Buy limit Buy stop difference

buy limit buy stop difference

There is nothing as simple yet confusing concept in market execution as using pending orders. There are known pending orders in investing, two of which are our main focus in … Read more

Best lot size for $1000

best lot size for $1000-sell trade

Lot sizing is a crucial fact in forex trading. When you start your forex trading training, the first thing you have to go through is lot sizing. If you don’t … Read more