Solution of Off quotes mt4 problem

Off quotes mt4 or mt5 are the most common problem in the MetaTrader platform. As forex traders, we all have already faced this problem. Many of us know how to solve the problem. Those who don’t know how to deal with the matter can get a complete guideline from this content.

What does off quotes mean in mt4

Off quotes in MetaTrader means that there is no available price in MetaTrader. You can get this error message for 4 possible reasons.

Off quotes mt4
  • The best price for the currency pair you are trading is not within your maximum deviation range/ extreme volatility
  • The connectivity of the platform is broken/lousy internet connection
  • Communication delay between broker’s server and meta trader
  • Your broker’s technical issues

Why does Off quotes mt4 happen?

Most of the time, poor internet connection is the main culprit behind this problem. When Mt4 or mt5 platform fails to connect with brokers server for bad internet connection, then you mt4 or mt5 platform popups “off quotes” or it will show error code 136

When you quote any price on mt4, the broker or liquidity provider sometimes rejects the order. They do so because of the unavailability of the price that you quoted !

For example, you place a sell on gbpusd pair at 1.2234 with a maximum deviation of 4 pips. At the same time, your broker offers a maximum selling price of 1.2224. The price is out of the deviation limit range. That’s why your broker will deny the order, and your mt4 will pop-ups “off quotes.” When there is much market volatility, traders face this problem.

How to fix Off quotes mt4 or error 136 problem

Firstly, If you use a larger deviation, your broker will be able to fill up your order within the range. Suppose if any price slippage happens, your broker will provide you with an order price within the deviation limit.

The next thing you can do is change your EA coding. If you don’t use an EA or expert advisor, this section is not for you. But many traders use EA to place trades. If you use Exper advisors and find mt4 off quotes problem, then make a few changes to your EA coding language. Just set a maximum number of “X” times until your broker’s server fills out the order.

Last but not least, Always try to use good internet service. If you invest your hard-earned dollars in this market, don’t you think you should also spend some extra cash to get an excellent internet connection. Off quotes problem is disturbing for every trader, from scalpers to position. But if you are a scalper and need to enter and exit the market frequently, then off quotes problem can eat up all your account. As we know, in scalping, we need to be very prompt in executing trades.

So next time you get so many off quotes and error pop-ups just check whether your internet connection is ok or not. Make sure your mt4 or mt5 is online and not facing any blockage connecting with your broke

After doing all these things, if your problem doesn’t solve, then it’s a technical issue of your broker. Talk to your customer manager or mail a ticket in the support section of your broker describing the whole matter. And they will solve the issues as early as possible.