Download Pip Counter mt4 Indicator

pip counter mt4 indicator

What is pip counter mt4 indicator ? Pip counter mt4 indicator is such type of indicator by which we can count pips. It works like an assistant tool to improve your day trading. Scalpers and day traders find pip counter mt4 indicator a must-need. It identifies current spreads, days high, days low, and the current … Read more

How to create forex swing trading signals like a pro

How to create forex swing trading signals like a pro

Forex swing trading signals are the most effective signals. No matter what type of trader you are, scalper, position trader, or day trader, you must acknowledge that swing trading is the most time-saving and less-pressure technique. We find many lucrative advertisements for signal services that sell swing signals, and traders also buy them hoping to make a … Read more

Rayner Teo net worth

Rayner teo net worth

Rayner Teo is a trader, blogger, vlogger, social influencer, mentor, and, most importantly, founder of the TradingwithRayner. As Rayner Teo is active both online and offline and gives numerous positive suggestions regarding trading, many of us have a great interest in him. Many wants to know about Rayner Teo net worth. Rayner Teo net worth … Read more

Is FTMO Regulated ?

Is FTMO Regulated

Many traders worldwide make a common mistake of thinking that ftmo is a broker. So they ask is ftmo regulated. But the fact is as ftmo is neither a broker nor a fund management farm. As this is not a brokerage or money management farm, who will control it or give it regulations? Is FTMO … Read more

Little Known Ways to Mechanical Rules for Trading

Screenshot 33 1

Mechanical rules for trading are a set of trading rules by following what you take trades. What’s happening in the market or what’s other analysts or traders are talking about is not your headache. You just follow your pre-determined trading rules, no matter what happens The benefit of mechanical rules for trading is they eradicate … Read more

Elite Signals Review For 2022

Elite Signals Review

There are many forex indicators, and elite algo is one of them. Many traders worldwide buy this indicator and are making a lot of money, while many also said that they are not making money using this indicator. So today, I will try to provide an honest Elite Signals Review for you, my respected readers. … Read more

Matthew Thayer net worth in 2022

Matthew Thayer net worth

Matthew Thayer is a business magnet, forex mentor, fund manager & public speaker. He loves to travel to unknown places. He earned a vast amount of money trading and managing forex funds. Matthew Thayer net worth is roughly 13 million Dollars. All this enormous amount of money comes from the forex profession. Matthew Thayer Biography … Read more

Who Else Wants Candlestick Bible Pdf Free

Candlestick Bible

Homma Munehisa invented the Candlestick bible. He is considered the first pioneer of candlestick patterns. He was the most successful forex trader of his time. He made more than 10 billion dollars trading with the strategies described in this Japanese candlestick bible e-book. Every market or system has a technical or special language to understand … Read more

Know about Daniel savage fx

Know about Daniel savage fx

Who is Daniel Savage Daniel savage is a 26 years forex mentor, trader, and course seller who is more popular as Daniel savage fx. Daniel savage lives in Miami. He loves day trading. Although there are many positive and negative reviews regarding his teaching methods and courses, there is no denying that he is one of the … Read more

100 Best Forex Brokers for 2022

100 Best Forex Brokers for 2022

Finding the best forex broker is not an easy task. Not only beginners but professionals often get confused about which matters should consider and which features should not be considered. That’s why I considered the most crucial facts like regulations, deposit and withdrawal process, and so many prepare a short list of 100 best forex … Read more

Little Known Ways of Using Awesome Oscillator Indicator

Trading strategy based on Accelerator oscillator stochastic and Awesome oscillator indicator

What is awesome oscillator indicator Awesome Oscillator Indicator is a multi-tasking indicator that can determine the current trend, find the optimal entry points to the market, divergence and convergence. The principle of its operation is based on calculating the difference of moving averages with different periods, built on the median price, which is obtained as … Read more