Does ic markets accept us clients

does IC markets accept US clients

There are many types of Forex Brokers. They all have different rules and regulations prescribed by a financial authority in charge of the broker’s jurisdiction. In this piece of content, we will focus on IC markets, what type of forex broker it is, the services and tools it provides to give clients the best services, … Read more

Buy limit Buy stop difference

buy limit buy stop difference

There is nothing as simple yet confusing concept in market execution as using pending orders. There are known pending orders in investing, two of which are our main focus in this article, the Buy limit order and the buy stop order. Today I will also show you The buy limit buy stop difference. Successful investors … Read more

Best lot size for $1000

best lot size for $1000-sell trade

Lot sizing is a crucial fact in forex trading. When you start your forex trading training, the first thing you have to go through is lot sizing. If you don’t fix your lot size accurately, you could vanish your account even with a little movement of the forex market. As most retail traders start trading … Read more

Best leverage for $200 account

Best leverage for $200 account

You probably don’t hear too much about the dangers of using too much leverage on Forex trading. Just because your reliable broker is offering you high leverage, you will take that advantage. The best way of using high leverage is when your trade is making a profit, you add positions in the same direction. In … Read more

5 Best app for forex news in 2022

5 best app for forex news

It is pretty challenging to find the best app for forex news among hundreds of thousands. Forex traders who are super busy in their daily work take the help of mobile apps to trade in mobile or tablet. Experienced Traders who are super professional and don’t want to miss even a single opportunity also search … Read more

Auto fibo trade zone indicator for 2022

auto fibo trade zone indicator

The auto fibo trade zone indicator is designed to draw Fibonacci retracement. Traders love fibo retracement levels because they are so perfect that the forex market tends to respect these most of the time. Auto fibo trade zone indicator explained Fibo points I mentioned above are represented on the chart by horizontal lines. These lines … Read more

Artificial intelligence forex trading software

Artificial intelligence forex trading software

Artificial intelligence forex trading software offers a stress-free way of forex trading. Artificial intelligence is designed based on data science.AI software or, more specifically, robots research, analyze, and place trades on behalf of human traders What is artificial intelligence forex trading software AI forex software or forex robots use machine learning in trading. This machine … Read more

Are forex traders on Instagram legit

are forex traders on instagram legit

Are forex traders on Instagram legit? This is a common question asked by many retail traders. Why are there so many forex traders on Instagram if they are not legit? Yes, your question is logical, and here I am, giving you the complete details regarding this issue. Are forex traders on Instagram legit Active traders … Read more

Are forex signals worth it?

Are forex signals worth it

Are forex signals worth it or not? It depends on the provider’s genuine and client’s risk-taking mentality. Forex signals’ forums discusses many legitimate forex signals providers who send copy and paste forex signals. But the irony of the fact is that thousands of retail traders even make losses for their risk-taking attitude. Although there are … Read more

Anyone making money with Nadex

anyone making money with nadex

Anyone making money with nadex now! Yes, you hear it right. Honestly speaking, trading at Nadex was not easy in the past. But with the advent of advanced educational materials now, if any achieve proper trading education, practice with patience, have a rock-solid trading plan then it is possible for any retail trader for making … Read more

Secrets to accumulation/distribution indicator mt4

accumulation/distribution indicator mt4

Accumulation/distribution indicator mt4 is one kind of indicator which measures the volume of the market. Marc Chaikin first developed this indicator to help himself select the right stocks. In the forex market, many aspiring analysts use this tool to shine their trading. There are many renowned traders like akil stokes who use accumulation/distribution index. just … Read more