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Homma Munehisa invented the Candlestick bible. He is considered the first pioneer of candlestick patterns. He was the most successful forex trader of his time. He made more than 10 billion dollars trading with the strategies described in this Japanese candlestick bible e-book.

Candlestick Bible

Every market or system has a technical or special language to understand that market. The forex market is no different. Japanese Candlestick is the language of the forex market. If you understand the Japanese Candlestick, then you will be able to understand the forex market more clearly. 

In this book, you will be able to learn The Engulfing Bar Candlestick Pattern, The Inside Bar Candlestick Pattern, Trading the Pin Bar Candle With The Trend, and many more things that will give you an edge to beat the market and earn a vast amount of money from the market

Things you will learn from candlestick bible pdf

You will learn How to confluence pin bars with the running market conditions with many market examples. Many of us face problems placing trades when markets get choppy, or prices remain in a ranging mood. In price action, engulfing bar is very common. In this book, the author discusses how to place trades using engulfing bars. Moving average is a very powerful indicator. In mt4, there are many indicators, but most traders like and love to trade using moving average. Do you know why? Because moving average is the only indicator that is simple and very easy to understand . last but not least, moving average is the most powerful indicator in the terminal. So what if you can master moving average with engulfing pattern? Isn’t it fantastic? Yes, if you read this ebook attentively, then at the end of the reading, you can successfully trade using both moving average and moving average. Fibonacci retracement is another popular indicator, and here you will learn how to trade engulfing pattern confluence with Fibonacci. Support resistance, inside bars, supply-demand zones, breakout, fake out, and many more important strategies and advanced levels are discussed in the pdf book.

Many of us build profitable strategies, but still, we cant make money. Why? Because of the lack of a money management plan. In this book, you will also learn how to manage your trades. You will get the complete money management plan here. So why are you waiting for? just click below and download the Candlestick Bible Pdf Free below

Candlestick bible download

You can easily get this candlestick bible pdf free from here. It is completely free. Just click the link and start to study the strategy described here.

Who wrote and Invented Candlestick Bible ?

Homma Munehis