Know about Daniel savage fx

Who is Daniel Savage

Daniel savage is a 26 years forex mentor, trader, and course seller who is more popular as Daniel savage fx. Daniel savage lives in Miami. He loves day trading. Although there are many positive and negative reviews regarding his teaching methods and courses, there is no denying that he is one of the most talked of topics in this arena.

Know about Daniel savage fx
Know about Daniel savage fx

Today I will try to describe everything about savage. From his courses to his youtube channel and telegram channel, I will show you everything, and it will help you decide whether you will take his course or not or grant him as your mentor!

Daniel savage fx course

Daniel savage offers three different coursese.

1 on 1 (1 hour 30 minutes), 5 class 1 on 1 mentor ship !, THE BUNDLE (MAIN COURSE)

The price of the first course is $500, the price of the second course is $2999, and the cost of the third course is $429. In these courses, you will learn

  • Fibonacci
  • Support And Resistance
  • Trend Lines
  • Supply And Demand
  • Moving Averages
  • Confluences With Higher time Frames
  • Risk Management
  • How To Maximize Your Profits
  • Risk To Reward
  • Identifying Your Session
  • News
  • Back Testing !
  • My Favorite Chart Patterns

Daniel savage fx youtube channel

If you don’t want to spend a penny buying his course first rather wish to try his methods free, then go to his youtube channel. On his youtube channel, he uploads new videos to help traders place new trades and teach new strategies.

On his youtube channel, you will learn many new things about forex and many life-changing forex strategies. Some of his most popular and loved forex-free videos are

  • This Support & Resistance Forex Trading Strategy Made Me Thousands!!
  • How To Grow A Small Forex Trading Account! INSANE!! (week 1)
  • Making $20,000 in one day trading forex!
  • How I made $3700 TRADING FOREX in a day!
  • This Is The Best Candle Confirmation In Forex.. MUST WATCH!
  • Psychology Tips With Pro Trader FxDaniel Savage!
  • IS FOREX WORTH IT?! From 6 Figure Trade
  • How To Flip A Forex Account In Days! INSANE MUST WATCH FLIP 300%+
  • Pro Forex Trader Daniel Savage Takes The $100,000 FTMO Challenge! DOCUMENTED LIVE (PART 2)
  • Life Of A Forex Trader Vlog 6! And Chart Breakdown! (MUST WATCH)
  • Scalp Break Downs! Best Forex Strategy! Catching 200+ PIPS

Fx daniel savage on Twitter

Daniel savage is also active on twitter. If you follow him on twitter account then you will get many insights regarding forex.

Daniel savage fx reviews

As I said before, you will find both good and bad reviews about Daniel savage so if you want to go through all the valuable reviews before taking his mentorship, then go for this conversation on Reddit. It will give you a strong reason to buy or not buy his courses.