Download Pip Counter mt4 Indicator

What is pip counter mt4 indicator ?

Pip counter mt4 indicator is such type of indicator by which we can count pips. It works like an assistant tool to improve your day trading. Scalpers and day traders find pip counter mt4 indicator a must-need. It identifies current spreads, days high, days low, and the current spreads.

How can the mt4 pip counter indicator improve your trading?

As this indicator shows live current values and day’s high & low, you will understand your profitability at a glance. Suppose you are taking a sell trade and entering at the day’s high point, then the chances of your trade winning are high. But if you enter at the day’s low point, then the chances of your winning are low. Let me give you an example.

pip counter mt4 indicator

You are seeing how every time the price is hitting a day’s high price is falling and how every time the price is hitting the day’s low price is rising like a ping pong ball. So when you buy near day’s low and sell near day’s high, the chances of your winning will increase.

How pips counter indicator can help you get running candle information

Often we need to check our watch and mt4 watch to understand when this candle will close, and we will enter new trades. As professional price action traders, don’t enter a trade on running candles. If you have this fantastic Pip Counter mt4 Indicator, you don’t need to go here and there or check the watch. This indicator will show you the remaining candle time clearly. Suppose you open trades based on a 1-hour candle. So when you check, you find only 10 minutes remaining to close the running candle. You will wait 10 minutes, and every time you watch mt4, you will see that the remaining time is decreasing.

How to add pip counter on mt4

First, download the pip counter mt4 indicator from parkingpips. Then copy the indicator. Then Open mt4 then click on the file section, which is located on the left side of the mt4. Then open the data folder. Open the mql4 folder. There, you will see a folder name indicator. Just paste the indicator there. Now close the mt4 and open it again. You will find that your indicator is working smoothly.

Download Pip Counter mt4 Indicator