4 hour forex simple system

Learn the 4 hour forex simple system is a quick cash system that makes you help to get money super fast from trading. If you focus only 4 hour timeframe, then the chance is huge; you won’t make a silly mistake by entering and exiting the market randomly.

Remember those who lose money in currency trading; most of the cases trade too many times in a single day. Losers tend to trade on a shorter time frame like 15 minutes, 5 minutes, or even shorter, like 1 minute timeframe. They think that the more they trade, the more they will be able to make money, which is a complete lie. The true fact is that the more they trade, the more they lose.

Today in this piece of content, our goal is to focus on 4 hour time frame trading, which will allow you to trade the markets around the clock actively. In the forex 4h trading system, you will be benefitted by getting data from intraday charts along with big pictures trends. No matter whether you are a swing trader or position, then a 4 hour timeframe best suits you.

Why is the 4 hour forex simple system so important?

  1. If I ask you, why do you trade forex? Most probably, your answer will be to get rid of anxiety from the financial crisis. Then if you stick to charts the whole day long and trade like a slave, what’s the difference here from working under your boss 8 to 5 job? Only if you trade in a larger time frame, then you enjoy more freedom which is possible here in a 4 hour timeframe.
  2. Risk is little here.
  3. The potential of making a big profit is enough here.

4 hour forex simple system explained 

Technical Indicator needed: only need default RSI indicator. The settings will be as it is found by default. We use this indicator as this one is one of the best 4 hour trading indicators.

Buy trading rules: The rsi must touch the 30 level line. Then we will wait for any strong bullish candle. When we find a bullish candle, we will open a buy order just above that candle.

4 hour forex simple system
4 hour forex simple system

Please take a look at the picture, how beautifully the rsi indicator is showing us the 30 levels. Then found a bullish green candle. This is your trading signal. Check it touches our targeted profit. Price action forex traders will get the best benefits from this system as candle plays a vital role here.

Stop loss: stop loss must be below the signal candle 

Take profit: we will use a 1:1 risk reward profit target.

Selling rules: The Rsi indicator must touch level 70. Then we will wait for a strong bearish candle. When we find a bearish candle, then we will open a sell trade just below the candle.

Stop loss: must be above the bearish candle.

Take profit: we will use a 1: 1 risk-reward profit target.

Time frame: Trade only with 4 hours. Avoid daily chart, weekly chart.

4 hour forex simple system
4 hour forex simple system

Take a look at the picture. Rsi indicator touches level 70. We found a bearish candle after that. We will open a sell trade here. Check if we set a profit target, then our target was hit easily.

Anyone who searches for a 4 hour forex strategy pdf can study this strategy. If you apply this strategy in your real trading platform, the chance is higher; you will win most of your trades. So no need for any paid pdf books or paid video tutorials.

What time do 4 hour candles close forex?

If you’re using the Central Time, you should see each 4-hour candle close at 4:00 PM, then 8:00 PM, then 12:00 AM, then 4:00 AM, then 8:00 AM, and then 12:00 PM.

Final Talk

There are many forex trading strategies online but most of them are complicated. This system is different in that context.

If you want to master the Forex 4h trading system, then you need a solid understanding of how the market operates and how big boys control the market, as many so-called gurus will tell you to use a 4 hour candle indicator as there is always chaos in the market. But don’t listen to them. Just study some basic fundamentals of the market, and when there is big news like NFP or FOMC, stay away from the market. That’s it. you need nothing more than that to make money with “4 hour forex simple system strategy.” 

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