What is the difference between Standard vs Razor account

Standard and razor accounts are two different accounts of pepperstone broker. Pepperstone is a very popular broker, and so do its account types. Traders all over the world want to know the subtle difference between these two account types. So today, I will try to reveal every aspect of the standard vs razor account.

Standard vs Razor account

Razor account offers trading spreads from 0.0 pips. If you are a scalper, then you need to enter and exit the position quickly. Then razor account is for you. Because here spread starts from 0.0 so you won’t need to worry wheter spread will eat out all your profit or not. Again you are an expert advisor (EA) trader or robot trader; then a razor account is for you. You won’t miss even a single trade for your high-spread problem. But if you wish to enjoy such types of varieties facilities, then you need to pay a commission to them. The broker will profit from your commission. This type of account is perfect for professional traders

On the contrary standard account offers a wide spread. Here spread is not that tight like the razor account. But you won’t need to pay commission also. This type of account is very popular among beginners or who own small balance accounts. The broker will profit from your spreads.

Standard vs razor account at a glance

Standard AccountRazor Account
Spreads from 1 pipSpreads from 0 pip
Best for professional traderBest for scalper robot trader
You don’t need to pay any commissionYou need to pay a commission
Best suits small balance accountsBest suits healthy balance accounts

What is a razor account?

Pepperstone offers 4 different types of trading accounts.

  • Razor account
  • Edge Standard account
  • Edge Swap-Free account
  • Edge Active Traders account

Among these 4 types of accounts, Razor is one. The tight spread account is the Razor account. Professional traders and scalpers open this type of account with a healthy balance.