Pips and pipettes

Pip is the single fluctuation on the fourth digit after the decimal point. PIPS are the plural form of PIP. For instance, fx market was changed 500 pips last week. Many forex traders call Pip a point. However, globally we know the slightest change of price movement in the forex market as Pip. Most brokers have 4 digits after the decimal, except some modern brokers have 5 digits after the decimal. This extra fifth digit is called the pipettes. I will try to cover everything about pips and pipettes in this piece of content.

Pips and pipettes
Pips and pipettes

Forex pips

Many newbie forex traders waste plenty of time interpret pips meaning. So Now, we will try to learn easily all about pips and pipettes with some real market exchange rate illustrations.

Case 1: Suppose you start your broker’s mt4 or mt5 terminal. You see, yesterday the EUR / USD pair was 1.0809, and today the quote is 1.0815. Now, tell me how many pips have moved? Extraction rules: higher value-lower value = 1.0815 – 1.0809= 0.0006 .

I told before, pips count start from the number four after the decimal point. More precisely, just forget the decimal value; let’s calculate easily: 0815-0809 = 6. We see, the market was switched by 6 pips.

Case 2: Pound/Dollar went from 1.3056 to 1.3060. How many pips was shifted ? Pretty simple. 3060-3056 = 4 pips.

Pipette (pipettes):

Some brokers have 5 digits after the price decimal. For example, 1.42561. This fifth digit is, therefore, a pipette. So if the price goes from 1.42561 to 1.42667, then we can conclude that that particular pair increases 10 pips 6 pipettes or 106 pipettes have changed.

Pips and pipettes practical example on Market movement (EUR / USD)

price was before 1.0830, now 1.0840 = 840 – 830 = Fx market moved by 10 pips. In 5 digit broker, where pipette is also counted, price was before 1.08302, now 1.08408 = 8408 – 8302= 6 pipettes market movement

Puzzle of Pips and pipettes

Suppose, the quote of EUR/USD was 1.08475 last night ; This morning the quote is 1.84802. What do you think? How do you calculate the movement? & And many pips & pipettes did the market move? If you can solve the puzzle, then you are moving in the right direction. Sometimes you read the news that USD/CAD has risen 150 pips today. The market is chaos and spiking a lot; 300 pips decreased in just 60 minutes and so on.


pips and pipettes are very basic and common terms in forex trading. If your pip value concept is vague, then you won’t be able to understand other important things like base currency, counter currency, forex trading strategy and many more. So before proceeding next chapter of foreign exchange education, read through this article and remove your all confusion regarding pips and pipettes.