Akil stokes net worth

There are many professional forex trading coaches out there online. Akil stokes is one of them. Many mentors and so-called gurus here and there luring you to learn from them by investing money so today, I will elaborate positive and negative reviews, and Akil stokes net worth.

Who is Akil stokes?

Akil Stokes is a professional trader and forex trading mentor. He worked as a money manager in the past. Forbes magazine cited him as one of the promising innovators in trading education some days ago. Although he sold many courses, he recently launched a programme named tier one trading. He is the co-founder of this programme.

Akil Stokes’ tier one trading is helping many students learn forex properly. although there are many positive and negative comments regarding this programme so today we will make an akil stokes review

A negative review of akil stokes

As always, there are two groups of people, one supporting something and another opposed. Akil stokes tier1trading.com is no different. Many of his students stated that Akil Stokes and his business partner Jason Stapleton had made millions by feeding garbage to his students in the past days. Both of them have good marketing knowledge but are not good mentors.

They even demand 3000 dollars to 50000 dollars just for their so-called secret materials, which you can easily get for free on youtube and google and some free blogging sites like babypips, Investopedia, and parkingpips.

They even charge 100-150 dollars for each nonsense session. In these nonsense sessions, they talk shit.  These two guys pretend to know everything about trading, but actually, they lack their trading knowledge.

Akil Stokes did this before, and his present venture tier1trading.com is no different.

positive review of akil stokes

Many students learned many things from akil stokes, and they thank akil stokes wholeheartedly. These schools of people said that although they went through many free forums and blogs like babypips, they did not acquire proper forex knowledge. There are many secret tips and tips which are not available online for free. These things are revealed by Akil Stokes in his tier1 trading.com. On internet. You will find many strategies and systems that will confuse your trading, , but he will teach you one specific approach to trading. Free resources found on youtube and google are good enough for primary education, but if you want to go deeper and get extra care, then tier1trading.com is the best option for you.

The “rants” ( psychology) he discussed in his new ventures were excellent. As trading is not only technical and fundamental analysis but rather psychology plays an important role, you should go through this course if you plan to take any paid course.

Akil stokes net worth

Akil stokes have nearly 7,000 active members. He charges an average price of $275 per month, so he is making over 1.9 million a month. The yearly calculation will be 23 million a year.

akil stokes net worth
akil stokes net worth

Just think how rich he is. And not only trading, rather trading with sound marketing knowledge produces such hefty amounts to him.

If you want to hear his success story in his own voice, then go for the trading coach podcast. Here you can learn many things.

Final talk 

If you want to get success in trading, then education is a must. And for the proper education, you need to choose the right mentor. Although I reviewed here honestly about a renowned mentor, you should chat with traders to know his venture more. If you chat with traders, then you can also know if forex trading is profitable or not; what is a good amount to start trading with? Then decide which way you will go. But, before that, get some best forex trading app from the play store and use them to improve your day-to-day trading.

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