Are forex traders on Instagram legit

Are forex traders on Instagram legit? This is a common question asked by many retail traders. Why are there so many forex traders on Instagram if they are not legit? Yes, your question is logical, and here I am, giving you the complete details regarding this issue.

are forex traders on instagram legit
are forex traders on instagram legit

Are forex traders on Instagram legit

Active traders on social media accounts like Instagram are not legit most of the time. Yes, you hear it right they are all showing off. Hundreds and thousands of traders‘ posts on Instagram lack transparency and authenticity.

You will see fancy lifestyles lived by them, but when you asked for their qualifications and proficiency with credentials, track record then they got caught. Of course, some of them are loyal and make real money, but in most cases, traders are scammers here. That’s why professional traders like Akil Stokes are absent on Instagram. Instead, relatively successful traders launch their own platform and share knowledge through it. They don’t get involved in forex scams.

Why are there so many forex traders on Instagram

If any want to scam, then Instagram is the top choice as it is very easy to deceive folks through posting lavish pictures on Instagram. You will watch expensive cars, pricey houses, extravagantly dressed retail investors showing them off on Instagram. So why are they absent on myfxbook, eToro, Zulutrade,mql5 platforms? Because they all are marketing guys but not expert analysts of financial markets. Sometimes some scammy online brokers help them to fool folks. That’s why we should be alert when choosing the right forex broker.

Top 8 Instagram traders

  • forex_traders_mzansi
  • sharon_forex_traders_9
  • inve.stment76
  • mr_kelly_bitcoin_manager_
  • noelle_trimble100
  • trader__steffen
  • tz_forex_traders

Just observe them; all of them are showing off themselves. Nothing more. No expertise, no analysis, no specialized knowledge. So it is up to you whether you will trust Instagram experienced traders or not. But my recommendation is before trusting them blindly and following them to challenge them for an online record like myfxbook link or mql5 link. Many novice traders get confused by scammers’ lavish style and stuck with “are forex traders on Instagram legit” by this. So don’t be a fool like others. Just ask for the proof, and you will get the answer.

Don’t ask are forex traders on Instagram legit. Rather, learn by yourself.

There are many successful strategies and trading systems. Some of which are composed of default indicators and some with customized indicators. If you apply them in your online trading, you don’t need to be fooled by these scammers. Instead, you will also be a profitable trader one day with proper learning. So keep patient, keep learning, and your time will come.


If you want to follow any successful trader to improve your currency trading career and make money from trading, there are plenty of social trading platforms like eToro and Zulutrade. Go and find your favorite trader. Follow them or their signals in your trading platforms.

Are forex traders on Instagram legit or not is nothing but a noobs question. You don’t need to search for a professional, successful trader on Instagram as a trader. Telegram traders are far better than Instagram traders. As showing off scope is less common in traders found in  telegram 


Who is the best forex trader on Instagram?

Samuel is the best forex trader on Instagram. you can follow him by searching @samuelandcotrading

Can you trust forex traders?

Of course, you can trust forex traders. But don’t follow blindly. Before following any trader, check their credentials.

Why are there so many forex traders on Instagram?

As scammers always like a platform where they can show off themselves, so Instagram is full of forex traders. Most of those forex traders found in Instagram scam different ways with newcomers in the forex market.