Non repaint reversal indicator mt4 free download

When any indicator does not change the provided signals, that’s called a non repaint indicator. If any indicator changes the signal according to future price conditions, traders find it quite difficult to place those signals. That’s why today we will provide a non repaint reversal indicator mt4 free download here. Not repaint indicators produce solid signals, which is an excellent advantage for the traders.

A non-repaint indicator is an indicator that only provides the most recent signal and does not offer any additional signals. This means that if you are using non-replay indicators for trading, you need to recognize the current trend direction with just one look at your chart. However, non-repainting indicators have some advantages in terms of accuracy, so they are worth considering for traders who want the security of knowing where their trade will go when it’s opened.

You can use a non repaint indicator in all kinds of timeframes starting from m1 to weekly. You don’t need to bother with currency pairs also, as it fits any currency pair. There are many indicators only suitable for major pairs, but non repaint reversal indicator mt4 free download indicators are suitable for major, minor, and cross pairs.

Non repaint reversal indicator mt4 free download
Non repaint reversal indicator mt4 free download

Trading Rules

Non repaint indicators produce buy-sell signals with arrow signs. For more accurate results, you can add some more filtering options like 50 moving average.

Buy rules

The price must stay above the 50 period moving average. High will be higher than swing low. Non repaint indicator displays buy arrow signals.

Sell signal

Non repaint indicator displays sell signals. The price must be below the 50 period moving average.

Trade management

Set stop-loss a few pips above the recent swing high. Set take profit target as two times the stop loss. You can also use the opposite arrow of the non repaint indicator as to your profit target or exit signal.

If your knowledge of money management is poor, then no matter how perfect your trend strategy is, you won’t be able to make money on trading forex, so money management is very important. To make a consistent profit in forex, you need to control your trading emotions. So it is very important in trading to know when to trade and when not to trade.

Caution using Non repaint reversal indicator

If you wish to trade with non repaint reversal indicator mt4 and make money, don’t trade in a low-volume market. When the market is choppy, then don’t open any trade.

Installation process of Non repaint reversal indicator mt4

non repaint reversal indicator mt4 free download
non repaint reversal indicator mt4 free download

First, download the non repaint indicator from Then open the mt4 terminal. then copy and paste the ex4 or mq4 file to the MQL4 folder.Download best non repainting forex indicator for day trading


A good forex indicator can boost your trading journey and enhance the possibility of success in trading. Unfortunately, most of the traders lose money in forex because they expect too much. So if you wish to get continuous success, then don’t expect too much. Don’t fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations.

As no indicator will be able to produce 100 % right signals, so will non repaint indicators. This non-repaint indicator will not produce a 100% right signal, but its signals are high probability signals. If you place trades with these signals, then the chances of your making a profit will be getting higher.

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