Best currency strength meter for 2022

Forex traders use many technical indicators, but the currency strength meter is used only by highly professionals. It’s a technical indicator. CS finds out the relative current strength of individual currencies.

best currency strength meter
best currency strength meter

Whether you are an mt4 or mt5 forex trader, there are both currency strength meter mt4 and currency strength meter mt5. There are many paid currency strength indicators online. Still, free resources site, parkingpips is giving the best currency strength meter completely free. Just keep reading!

The currency strength meter analyses every currency separately. Many misunderstand this point. Noobs think that this indicator analyses the forex pair. It’s a crucial matter of fact.

This indicator dictates whether you are trading a strong currency or a weak currency. A currency strength meter is an algorithm-based indicator that relies on the exchange rate of different major currency pairs.

If you think that this one is also like other standard default indicators such as stochastics, RSI, Bollinger bands, or MACD, you are wrong. It’s a more complicated one as mt4 provides no standard indicator. Different companies produce different types of currency strength meters.

However, the main foundation remains unchanged. To predict the strength or weakness of the Great Britain Pound (GBP), the CS indicator calculates the strength of the pairs that consists of GBP. so here it will calculate the data of GBP/USD, GBP/AUD, GBP/JPY, and some other GBP pairs.

How does the currency strength meter work, and How do you know which currency is the strongest?

It follows some steps.

Steps 1. Identify base currency

Step 2. Pair that identified base currency with all other major currencies available.

Steps 3. Now calculate the strength of every paired currency

Steps 4. Find out the average score.

Generally, the currency strength meter predicts a trend is coming, or the reversal is coming.

If you apply this in your chart, then you can get a clear indication of which currency is weak and which one is the most strong. In this way, you can conclude which currency you should buy and which one you should sell.

Currency strength meter strategy

For say you analyze the market and get the data from cs, the British pound is strongest and the Australian Dollar is the weakest one. Then it would be best if you bought GBP/AUD. Just trade in the direction of a trend.

But remember, the currency can reverse the trend, and GBP can change the direction and suddenly become weaker, and AUD become stronger. Then you will be stuck with a bad trade. So don’t rely solely on cs indicators. Instead, filter your trade with some other trusted indicator like RSI or Bollinger bands. 

Benefits of using currency strength meter 

Retail Traders from all over the world use this indicator as The currency strength meter has many benefits. For identifying the trend, there is no alternative to the currency strength meter indicator. Moreover, this indicator is very simple to use. As a professional trader, you don’t need to do any mathematical work. All the mathematical terms will function automatically by the indicator itself.

If you use any other customized indicator, you already know that you need to fix the settings by yourself, but if you use cs, you don’t need to do this. Everything is set here. Just download the best forex market currency strength meter mt4 from parkingpips and insert it in the mt4 chart.

Cs indicator saves beginner traders time. As a trader, you need to analyze many fundamental data to confirm the condition of any country’s economy and currency. Read news of that country. But free currency strength meter made the whole task easy. You can now easily know the weakness and strengths of any currency at a glance. 

Currencies have a positive and negative correlation, which is called the currency correlation matrix. So when you find any particular currency most strong situation, then sell other currency against the strong currency also which is correlated with that one.

For say if EUR get stronger then buy EURUSD, EURJPY, EURAUD, EURNZD

Limitations of best currency strength meter indicator mt4

We forex traders know every technical indicator, whether it is default or custom, has limitations. The best currency strength meter mt4 is not different.

Firstly, the currency strength meter will not give you a 100% guarantee of any currency’s strength or weakness.

Secondly, you can not open trade getting signal from currency strength meter it will give you a vague idea. Instead, it would help if you filtered your decision-making any other indicator like rsi or moving average.

Thirdly, the Currency strength meter will give you different data in different timeframes. Like in a 1-hour timeframe, you get that GBP is weak, but when you switch to a 4-hour timeframe, surprisingly, you will find that indicator shows that GBP is super strong. But my recommendation is that although it shows different data on the different timeframe, you should stick with a higher timeframe. This is because the signal you get from a higher timeframe like the daily chart is more trustable.

Best currency strength meter mt4 download

This is the best free currency strength meter and Accurate currency strength meter. If you want to know about the weakest currencies Or Which currency pair is the strongest? Then apply this indicator in your charting platform, and at a glance, you get the information. You will see everything about weaknesses and strengths by these tools. I know all of you readers thinking that How do you find the currency strength Meter? No worry, just click here and get your free version of the currency strength meter.

Best currency strength meter android 

If you feel comfortable trading in mobile and android devices and want to know which is the best currency strength meter for android, then here is your solution. There are many apps there in the google play store. But not all the apps are sound. So here I am giving you one recommendation which will provide you with the right data always. Currency Heatwave FX: Forex trading strength meter is the best currency strength meter app


The most experienced forex traders only use the currency strength meter. It’s a technical indicator that measures the relative strength of currencies, and it can be found on many websites and indicator sharing platforms for both mt4 and mt5. Still, you might want to consider using one from parkingpips if you are new to this type of investment strategy. This site has an excellent currency strength meter to help beginners get started with foreign exchange investing. If you have any questions about how this works, don’t hesitate to ask for advice!

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