Hull Moving Average Strategy

Hull moving average

Alan Hull developed one moving average that minimized the lag of default and traditional moving averages in 2005. According to his name, it is known as Hull moving average. The … Read more

20 pip and dip strategy

20 pip and dip strategy

20 pip and dip strategy is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to make a guaranteed 20 pips a day. The 20 pip and dip strategy uses multiple … Read more

Best lot size for $1000

best lot size for $1000-sell trade

Lot sizing is a crucial fact in forex trading. When you start your forex trading training, the first thing you have to go through is lot sizing. If you don’t … Read more

5 min forex trading system for 2022

5 min forex trading system

Forex market comprises different kinds of traders like scalpers, day traders, swing traders, position traders. Different types of traders have different types of specialisez trading knowledge. Scalpers and day traders … Read more

34 ema wave strategy for 2022

34 ema wave strategy

Those who can trade in the forex market and make consistent money from forex don’t teach others. This is a common saying in the forex market. But I think this … Read more

3 ducks trading system for 2022

3 ducks trading system

3 ducks trading system is one of the most popular trading systems among newbies. As newcomers often search for an effective and simple strategy, so they opt for this one. … Read more

20 pips a day

20 pips a day

The forex market is huge. Almost 7 trillion dollars is traded here every single day. So in proportion to that, your trading capital would seem tiny here. But with this … Read more